Honor & Dishonor - The basis of it all.

Procedure Seminar documents, January 10, 2009

Court Papers are letters to the court in a special "court" format.
Forms lecture (8 hours)

Notice and Demand -- Your first reaction to your adversary; points to include
Notice and Demand -- Example
Notice and Demand to IRS/FTB -- Example July 17, 2010 Seminar. PDF RTF
      In response to Senate Tax Hearing FTB Letter

Action at Law -- Example
Motion -- Example; Motion lecture (8 hours)
Common Law Pleading papers -- Sequence
Seal example
SCOTUS File on Demand

Counterclaim notes

What do you do when you are in front of a judge?

Dismissal for Failure to State a Claim -- judge may not dismiss case
    FRCP Rule 8 simplifies claim requirements

Writ of Error This is used mainly to correct errors in court procedure. E.g., when a clerk of a court of record
accepts an order from a judge, that would be an error in procedure because a judge is not permitted to originate orders
in a court of record. A writ of error would order the judge's order to be rescinded. See Example and Bouvier's Definition

Petition for Discretionary Review -- A judge's advice about form
How to do a Default Judgment

Elements of Strategy -- for conducting a court case
Press Release -- How to do a press release

Preserve error for appeal
The Forgotten Trial -- how to handle the penalty phase
The common law of access to governmental records -- F.O.I.A. failed? Try this.