Encryption, Cell Phone
Alleged Police Bias Debunked
Rats! Stop Snitches!
Citizenship, Army TM-2000-25 (1928)
Positive Law Codification explained
Positive Law Brochure
American Citizen's Manual (1840)
PDF RTF Church Failing to Do Its Job
The Pied Pipers of Babylon
Report from Iron Mountain explains why war is necessary
Jerry and Joe Kane What really happened.
The Empire of the City
How to do a Summary Judgment
Letters to Authorities
Clobber Bureaucrats A Spiritual Economics Book
Private Atty General What it Means
Reversing Wrongful Convictions
Passports: Your Papers, Please
The Errant Sovereign's Handbook
Pre-crime Detection
Acceptance for Value
Common law background from before 1176
America's Christian Heritage
Castle Doctrine...Your right to be left alone. Clinton should not be impeached because...
Declaration of Independence -- analysis of style
Origins of the Electoral College -- explanation and history
Electoral College -- Mathematical proof Electoral College prevents dictatorship
Electoral College -- Danger of Attacks on Electoral College
     "Those who cast the votes decide nothing;
     those who count the votes decide everything."
     Josef Stalin
The American Passport (1898)
The Greenwood Position -- Summary of the year 2000 presidential election
Trusts -- What are they. Suggested forms.
Dictionaries in Supreme Court decisions
Rules for changing a Republic into a Monarchy -- by Freneau, 1792--compare with today
U.S. Debt Clock
How to Write -- Improve your general writing ability
How to Write a Cover Letter
How to Write a Legal Memo
How to Write for Judges
The Necessity and Usefullness of Laws -- Written 1708 by request of the grand jury
Petitions for discretionary review--suggestions from the judge who reviews the requests
No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner
Texas Trial Lawyers Association -- a good source of essays
Lawyers Destroying America
What is a Nazi? -- Letter written by one who was there. Compare with today
Right to Keep & Bear Arms brief filed with Supreme Court re DC gun control case
The fiction of Sovereign Immunity
Necktie Note
Habeas Corpus, Common Law Remedy thru_12_point_prism_construct
Conversation with ChatGPT 3.5 re sovereignty
Miscellaneous Resources
Statement re Changes to Judge Complaint Procedure
Administrative Court Illegal
Martial Law
London Bobby - a lesson lost in America
Army ATP 3-39.33 Civil Disturbances Manual
     Interpretation 1       Interpretation 2
Army FM 3-06 Urban Operations
05-26-13 NSA Surveillance Word List
Common Law Lien example
Proposed Passport Requirements - comments Proposed Requirements Proposed Application
Cops Use Scanner to Steal Cellphone Data
Common Law Marriage
Digital-photos Can Reveal Your Location
Public Conduct Cautionary advice about your public conduct
REPRIEVES, PARDONS AND COMMUTATIONS Court-certified rehabilitation for ex-convicts--rights restored
Reece Hearings The real story behind the demolition of America by tax-exempt foundations (146MB download)
Horror of Vaccinations Addressed to president in 1920
Cracking the Code by Pete Hendrickson
Federal Mafia by Irwin Schiff
Constitution for the United States of America protects access to common law
Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpretation
     THE authoritative source of information from the government's point of view.
     Over 2000 pages of mostly honest information about our Constitution. (Common Law removed from index).
Limited Immunity -- for public officials
Opinions about the Elian Gonzalez fiasco: 1. from the People or 2. from the government
Independent "unlicensed contractor" agent agreement
14 Federal Ethics -- for federal employees.

Cato World Human Freedom Index
Corruption Index -- How honest is your government?
Quality of Life Index -- Which country has the highest quality of life?
2014 Countries most at risk of coup

The trial of Jesus -- a 20th Century judge's critique
Man too smart for police force -- Does this reveal the real problem?
Act of Confederation--The original United States of America, before the present day Constitution
Northwest Ordinance, July 13, 1787
Positive Law
Words of Encouragement for those honorably in jail because they tried to exercise their rights.
Arsenic and the nobility

CIA discloses what it considers inconceivable
Edward Mandel House: How to control the people
William Casey: How we will know our disinformation campaign is complete

Government surveilance: An exciting new export
FBI Flyer
FBI deputizes business: Proud to be a domestic snitch
FBI snitch instructions to surplus stores
Solon on social justice; and other gems of wisdom
Wire taps? -- The paranoids were right: Yep, they're listening
Spy Interactive -- What's happening behind 2-way interactive TV
Black Programs -- It is now officially OK to lie to the public
General Smedley Butler -- He declined offer in 1932 for dictatorship of U.S.
London Times says, USA must be destroyed
Newstates of America -- Proposed new constitution for U.S.A. -- bye bye freedom

Cicero -- Power and Law are mutually contentious
Gun Control Books -- Gun control research resources
Columbine High School Massacre -- Victim's commentary
Death by government -- In the 20th century more people murdered by their own governments than killed by all other unnatural causes combined.
Death by Government -- More about the book.
Gun Control effect.
Attorneys -- Are they really needed? See this survey
Lawyers -- Opinion by H. L. Menchen
13 Famous lawyers -- All but one never went to law school
Attorney's License requirement and Oath of Office--No attorney fulfills this requirement.
Disciples' Destinies -- The prices they paid for their idealism.
Countries bombed -- by the U.S. since World War II
Found? Could this be the REAL Supreme Court of the United States?
Buffalo Hunting the way the government likes it
Domestic Terrorism Lexicon by Homeland Security