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Why we have posted

The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook

on our Website

When we first heard of this publication as it was discussed by the Right Way Law monthly newsletter "The Light," we were very excited. It was described as a comprehensive manual for lawyers and judges on how to deal with patriots. We were expecting an "inside look" at what the strategies and tactics of the opposition may be as the patriot movement grows further and further into the mainstream of American life.

What we saw once we procured a copy of this manual was very disappointing. In truth we expected something more sophisticated and intelligent. But further reading of this work confirms, at least as far as this writer is concerned, an ongoing suspicion we have had for some time since many of us in Minnesota first became involved in this movement a few years ago.

The "conspiracy" that everyone seems to be panicking over is a conspiracy of ignorance and poor education. One will find that many patriots writing articles on the web seem to thrive on the idea that there is a vast secret plan, coordinated by power brokers, judges, and lawyers, to enslave us all and create a one world government. How many times, as you surfed the web from patriot site to patriot site, have you read claim that all lawyers and judges take a secret oath not to reveal the bankruptcy? Sound familiar?

If you are one who has spent any serious time and energy researching our lost legal history, then it would behoove you to read this manual before you ever go to court to try your hand at exposing the truth. It will teach you the most important lesson the patriot movement as a whole has yet to learn. Ninety-nine percent of the public officials and members of the legal community who you may be inclined to label prematurely as your "enemy" are merely folks who don’t have a clue.

These people don't know what you know.

If there existed a coordinated movement, a gathering of a cabal in a star chamber with sophisticated minions at their disposal to spread disinformation and discord, the State Justice Institute and the National Center for State Courts is not a member of that inner circle. Our reaction after a cursory reading of this thing was that we could have done a far better job writing a tactical manual on how to frustrate patriots than they did. It shows, if nothing else, just how distant and out of touch the legal community is from the "clients" to whom they at least claim to be their bread and butter. It shows beyond any doubt that those men and women who believe they are duly elected and appointed "public servants" have no real idea who they are and where they are. But most importantly it should reinforce the reality we of Minnesota Common Law Venue have been trying to stress both locally, as well as to folks in other states. Words, theories, and paper will not win this cause of freedom for us all. Only the conviction and fortitude of dedicated people will turn the hearts and minds of our nation back to the ideals upon which it was founded. You can be absolutely right, you can do everything right, and still lose. If you are not willing to risk losing, you cannot win. If you are not willing to suffer for what is right and good, you cannot be righteous. If you only seek to associate and work with those who think like you, you will be alone. Jesus said he did not come for the righteous, he came for the sinners. You were not awakened from your slumber to get rich, get out, and be left alone to relax and enjoy the good life. You were awakened to spread the word to those who are still lost. A thorough reading of the Anti-Government Movement Handbook should teach you who you are supposed to reach out to. You are being called to reach out to the very people who have harmed you. Read this manual thoroughly and ascertain for yourself the mindset of the person who is attacking you, whether he is the IRS, a prosecutor, or a cop. Resolve for yourself that these men and women are your brothers and sisters. Understand the worldview that they are trapped in. And when you go forth into battle, seek not only to win your case, seek also to win your adversary.

You say it can’t be done? I say you are wrong. I am a lawyer and I am a cop. And you succeeded in winning me over with nothing more than the truth. Every day I go to work the street in the squad I find myself in conflict with what I know and what I am expected to do on the job. I find that if I am willing to stand tall and not shrink in the face of a challenge, the challenge is not as bad as I thought. I question, and the guy next to me looks at me like I am nuts. I still question, and that guy starts to question too. I come back to work after a few days off and I find not only is he still questioning, he has three or four more doing the same.

The silver bullet the patriots furiously search for is not in a statute book or a case cite. It is not in a brief or the ultimate filing. It is reflected in the mirror in front of you. It is the only thing on this earth incapable of being bankrupt, so it is the only thing that can save us from ourselves. The silver bullet is the sovereign himself. God is always with you.